Extruded Concrete Kerbing has been the main stay of Kerbing West since its inception in 1988. The company has the capacity to operate four teams at any one time. This means that all customers can be delivered the same high service consistently.

Kerbing West maintains equipment capable of fast and precise work on site. They stock over 200 moulds for extruded kerbing, with a workshop that can manufacture other profiles as necessary.

Kerbing West’s slip-forming machine produces barriers and parapets to a height of over two metres, at a rate of over 200 metres per day. Offering flexibility, new profiles can be created to suit specific jobs.

At our office/workshop in Malaga, we stock over 200 different moulds to cater for all types of road kerbing. The Kerbing West workshop enables the manufacturing of machine moulds as required, so clients can rest assured that their requirements are met.

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